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Increase Profit Margins
Every retailer seeks to increase their revenues per square foot.  Consumers have demonstrated a willingness to pay a little extra for those products that promise to provide superior health benefits.  Consumers are increasingly conscious of the need for quality, healthy products.  Some early adopters of Omega 3 have experienced a 30% increase in margin for in house brands.
Increase Your Market Share
Omega 3 International will enter into an exclusive contract providing early adopters an opportunity to advertise the availability of micro encapsulated Omega 3 in their house brands.  Advertising has proven most effective when there is an exclusive product relationship.
Provide Superior Health Products
Consumers are seeking ways to increase their health and vitality.  The number one killer in North America is heart disease.  Omega 3 has proven to support heart and cardiovascular health.

Dairy Products - Juices - Canned Goods - Baked Goods - Meat